Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re renting year-to-year or looking for a short family getaway, we have a wide selection of properties across Canada and a villa in Reunion, Florida. We carefully chose our properties with amenities in mind, so no matter where you decide to stay, there always is something to do. We go above and beyond to ensure everything you could ever need is provided, so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself. Our commitment to delivering an unmatched guest experience sets our rentals apart from everyone else. We work tirelessly to ensure that you leave with lifelong memories no matter what property of ours you are staying at. 


Castle Pines Cove

Reunion Resort, Reunion, FL

A luxurious new build located in a gated community in sunny Florida. The property has a private heated pool and hot tub, a decked-out arcade room and stunning golf course views. Castle Pines Cove is just miles from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

goldenridge - coming soon

Canmore, Alberta

Golden Ridge condos in Canmore, Alberta, deliver a lifestyle filled with luxury, comfort, and a connection to nature thanks to spectacular mountain views in all directions.

Cannon Creek

Long River, PEI

Cannon Creek is situated on a large private lot overlooking the beautiful Long River, just minutes from picturesque New London. 

Rig's Ladder

Seaview, PEI

Rig’s Ladder is a much-loved beach house nestled along the north coast of PEI in the community of Seaview.

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